How to prepare for a hole for rolls

How to prepare for a hole for rolls

Nori is the pressed alga square or a rectangular shape. In it various stuffings are wrapped therefore the known Japanese dish rolls or sushi turns out. To a hole before use that how tasty the dish will turn out depends on the correct preparation of sheets.


1. Packing with a hole can be bought in the shops trading in devices for preparation of the Japanese dishes. Happens that to a hole is on sale in usual supermarkets. Or seaweed for sushi order by mail through the online stores offering exotic types of products.

2. Can differ in Nori in color a little. There are sheets to a hole green, dark blue, reddish and even golden on color. From all types the hole can make remarkable rolls. The taste at rolls depending on color to a hole will differ. The fact is that all sheets are made from seaweed hole, but color give them various spices and food supplements. Therefore also the taste of a dish in the end result differs a little.

3. For rolls the best view to a hole are red or dark blue. It is convenient to inwrap a stuffing in such rolls, they don't crumble at hand. Such product without preliminary preparation is ready to application.

4. Preparation options to a hole for sushi a little. For example, it is possible to process in general them nothing, just accurately and quickly to inwrap in them a stuffing. Other option – before laying out on sheets to a hole the prepared rice, slightly to moisten them with ordinary water or to humidify with water of a hand and to smooth them sheets to a hole.

5. The third option is to oil sheets to a hole vegetable, for example sesame or linen, olive. Try all three options of preparation to a hole to twisting of rolls. Thus, you will come to a consensus whether crunchy seaweed in sushi, slightly oily or more damp are pleasant to you.

6. Almost always on a layer to a hole at making sushi the thin layer of rice is imposed. Then the stuffing follows. Therefore usually to a hole are softened independently from contact with damp rice.

7. Often sheets to a hole keep in Japan over smoke that they gained slightly slightly smoked aroma.

8. Try on sheets to a hole and a layer of rice to put the following types of stuffings for sushi which are classical. 1 stuffing – thin plasticity of a salty or smoked trout or salmon, a fresh cucumber and a portion of spicy wasabi. The 2nd stuffing – crab meat, slices of avocado and again wasabi. The 3rd stuffing – layers of egg omelet, a fresh cucumber and avocado, is a little wasabi. From above rolls can be decorated with red caviar.

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