How to prepare grape snails

How to prepare grape snails

Meat of a snail is considered a refined delicacy which not only has original taste, but also is very useful to male health. For the first time snails got on a table in Ancient Rome, then the dish gradually began to extend and today it appears in the menu of restaurants and even prepares in house conditions culinary specialists amators.

Grape snails in garlic sauce

This recipe of snails is a classical way of their preparation.

Ingredients: - meat of a snail – 200 g;

- a desi – 200 g; - a lemon – 2 pieces; - garlic - 5 cloves; - ground black pepper; - salt; - parsley.

Defreeze grape snails, fry on oil with salt addition. In separate convenient capacity make garlic small polished garlic, butter sauce, juice of a lemon, salt, pepper and small chopped parsley. In portion forms lay out the received garlic oil, from above put on one snail and bake in an oven within 3–5 minutes at a temperature of 180 wasps.

Snails in sinks under cheese

If store snails don't attract you with the appearance and you are eager to receive "raw materials" the hands, it is necessary to go to collecting a snail harvest. If in the territory where you live, grape snails are found, will enough leave in the morning to the park or in a garden. Having collected necessary quantity, carefully wash out them in flowing water, cleaning from garbage and sand. In a 5 liter plastic canister make several openings for air penetration, fill semolina in capacity and shift snails. For 3 days of a snail completely will clean the ventricles and will be ready to preparation. Before preparation carefully wash out them from semolina, shift in a pan with water and put on strong fire. Water in a pan has to heat up as fast as possible, but you watch that it didn't begin to boil, remove from fire at foam texturization on a surface. Otherwise there will be difficulties with extraction of snails from sinks. By means of a knife extend snails from sinks, cut off a stomach from a carcass, having left only fillet. In a pan pour cold water, lay out snail fillet and you cook 40–50 minutes. Add the cleaned bulb, the Mediterranean mix of herbs and allspice to taste. In 40 minutes merge broth, pour a clear water, add a fresh bulb and spices, you cook 40 more minutes. Lower empty sinks in the separate container with salty water and you cook within 40–50 minutes. For preparation of a stuffing crush by means of the blender a bulb, a bunch of fennel and 6 large Zubkov of garlic. Add 200 g of a desi to the received weight and mix before obtaining uniform consistence. Wash sinks with cold water and dry on a towel. In each sink lay a small amount of an oil stuffing, one fillet of a snail and close everything a butter layer. Having filled all sinks, fill 2 cm of salt in a baking tray, cover with a foil and lay snails an opening up, from above strew openings with cheese and bake during a quarter of hour at a temperature of 180 wasps.

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