How to prepare juice scarlet

How to prepare juice scarlet

If you have scarlet, it is necessary to use its healing power, to put it mildly! Juice of an aloe treats many diseases, and to make it as easy as shelling pears.

It is required to you

  • - bush scarlet,
  • - medical alcohol,
  • - meat grinder,
  • - knife.


1. Cut off or break off the necessary number of sheets scarlet from a stalk. You remember, for preparation of juice it is necessary to use more mature leaves which tips dried up already a little, and length not less than 15 centimeters. Young and lighter escapes won't approach. Therefore pay the attention to the basis or the middle of a trunk of a bush.

2. It is possible to squeeze out juice from an aloe leaf barehanded, but in this case you should throw out both a peel, and the most part of pulp. Irrational use of medicinal substance is available. It is better to start up in a peremolka on the meat grinder all leaf entirely. It is waste-free option: both pulp, and a firm part scarlet is used.

3. Fresh juice scarlet is better to use every time, but if you have not a lot of time, it is possible to preserve preparation. For this purpose mix 8 parts of the processed leaves scarlet with 2 parts of medical alcohol. It is necessary to store mix at a temperature which isn't exceeding 15 degrees Celsius.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team