How to prepare large steaks

How to prepare large steaks

Preparation of meat big pieces – an economical solution of the problem of a main course for the big company of guests. Nevertheless, large steaks often overdo, underdo, or it turns out tasteless. 

By means of the necessary amount of spices and the special thermometer for meat it is possible to get rid of these problems. If it is correct to prepare large steaks, your dish will become delightful addition of a holiday table among the friends or families.

1.      Ask the butcher to help to choose suitable steaks. He can recommend to buy meat on a bone, or without bones, to advise how to cut large steaks, and what buymore favourably meat for the big company.

2.      Plentifully season meat. Distribute salt on all piece that meat turned out more fragrant, and salt got into the top layer, or a skin, having soaked with salty juice all meat.

3.      Big and rigid steaks with a large amount of fat need to be prepared slowly. It is better to fry at first a piece on a plate, then to add fragrant liquid, for example, broth or wine and to complete process of preparation in an oven, constantly removing fat from the surface of liquid. Cook meat in an oven at a low temperature within several hours. Depending on the piece size, there are usually enough from 2 to 4 hours.

4.      Bake gentle steaks in an oven only to semi-readiness not to overdo. Let meat will heat up to the room temperature before gets to an oven that it was preparing evenly. Try not to water meat in an oven. Preparation time increases every time when you open an oven door.

5.      Use the thermometer for meat to determine temperature in a piece. So you will be able to learn, whether not crude it inside, and whether overdried. If to leave meat to stand after preparation, internal temperature will increase by several degrees.

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