How to prepare meat motley crew of the house

How to prepare meat motley crew of the house

The Russian national soup cooked on mushroom, fish or meat soup with hot spices is called solyanka. Meat solyankas are cooked from meat of different types with addition of smoked products, sausages or a sausage goods.

Dish history

For the first time solyanka is mentioned in literature in the 15th century. Originally this soup was called "countrywoman". In Russia this spicy and fat soup was great snack for vodka and served as both some first, and second course. Solyanka helped not to get drunk and also quickly sated a human body. For this reason this soup received the name "pokhmelka".

Preparation of motley meat crew

Preparation of meat solyanka in house conditions will require the following products:

- unpitted beef - 300-400 g;

- ham - 100 g;

- sausages - 2 pieces;

- smoked sausage of-100 g;

- onions - 2 pieces;

- carrots - 1 piece;

- pickled cucumbers - 4 pieces;

- tomato paste.

To receive tasty meat solyanka, it is necessary to make broth correctly. Fill in beef on a stone with water and you cook within one and a half hours, without forgetting to scum periodically. It is necessary to cook only on weak fire. Otherwise broth can turn out very hazy. In 20-30 minutes prior to the end of cooking of broth add salt and spices.

As spices the black sprinkling pepper and bay leaf are used. Keep in mind that broth has to turn out salted insufficiently as all ingredients entering Solyanka so will make it very salty.

Meanwhile prepare ingredients for solyanka. Clean onions and small chop. Wash carrots and rub on a small grater. Vegetables need to be browned in a frying pan, and then together with tomato paste to extinguish within 5 minutes.

Cut ham, sausage and sausages with thin slices. Cut pickled cucumbers in cubes. Filter broth through a sieve, add the fried vegetables and bring to the boil.

To add sausage, ham, sausages and cucumbers to the boiling broth, you cook within 10 minutes. Later the specified time the meat motley crew is ready. Surely cover a pan as soup has to infuse. Enjoy your meal.

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