How to prepare peas for soup

How to prepare peas for soup

Cook tasty pea soup quite perhaps and without soaking of peas, but in this case its preparation will take much more time. Soaking process rather simple also promotes not only softening of peas, but also improvement of gustatory qualities of soup as water washes away from it excess starch.

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1. For soup it is possible to use the bold or kibbled grains. Before preparing peas for soup, it needs to be washed out well. For this purpose take a colander, a vysypita in it peas and put ware under flowing water for several minutes, periodically stirring slowly with peas. It is possible to wash it and in a usual pan. In this case just it is required to change repeatedly water to get rid of excess starch and dust.

2. When peas are ready, wet it in water. If a grinding peas, and its kernels are divided into two halves, just lay out them in a pan, fill in with boiled water and cover from above with a cover. After water cools down, merge it, and once again wash out the inflated peas. After that it is ready to preparation and gives all the best in a pan with broth or a clear water. After soaking it boils soft in soup to softness quickly enough.

3. If bold kernels, then on their preparation the much bigger amount of time leaves. Therefore if pea soup is planned for a lunch, it is necessary to wet peas in advance. It is the best of all to fill in it with water for the night, then it will be necessary only to wash out it in the morning and to put in broth. Using hot water, it is possible to reduce time for preparation of peas. Having filled in with boiled water peas, boil it within a minute and wait when water cools down. Then ship peas in hot water repeatedly. So within 30 minutes it will reach the necessary standard.

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