How to prepare pots

How to prepare pots

The dishes baked in an oven in ceramic pots enjoy wide popularity because of rich taste and unique and aroma. Products in tight ware don't lose the juiciness, at the same time they may contain absolutely small amount of fat. It is possible prepare pots with vegetables and meat not only for a change – such food it isn't a shame to give an everyday diet to guests for festive dinner.

It is required to you

  • - beef or pork tenderloin (0.5 kg);
  • - potatoes (7-10 tubers);
  • - carrots (2 pieces);
  • - onion (1 head);
  • - greens of fennel, parsley, pen-type onions (on a bunch);
  • - garlic (2-3 cloves);
  • - vegetable purified oil for pan-frying;
  • - sour cream to taste;
  • - table salt and a fresh ground black pepper to taste.


1. Make a classical dish in pots – meat with potatoes and other vegetables. For a start prepare all necessary ingredients. Carefully wash out beef or pork tenderloin in flowing water then dry meat paper towels and cut on small slices. Crush garlic in the garlic press, cut greens of fennel and parsley, onions feathers. To an ochistta also cut potatoes bars of the identical size. Brown the onions crushed in thin half rings and polished carrots in refined sunflower oil till golden color.

2. Take ceramic pots within 15 minutes in cold water that tanks heated up in an oven gradually and water slowly evaporated. After that spread out identical portions of products in ware. Spread layers in such sequence: beef; onions; mix of greens and garlic; carrots mixed up with potatoes. Salt everything and pepper on the taste, then fill in with water. Liquid has to cover only slightly products in pots. As option, use the meat or vegetable filtered soup. Grease top, potato, a layer with sour cream and close pots covers.

3. Put ceramic tanks in the middle of a cold oven, set in it temperature condition of 220 wasps and cook potatoes with meat in pots within 50 minutes. In 10 minutes prior to full readiness get ware and let's products stand under covers at the room temperature 15 more minutes. After that the ready-to-eat meal can be served on a table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team