How to prepare snails

How to prepare snails

Grape snail – the gluttonous wrecker who can often be met on the southern vineyards, in the forest, a kitchen garden and just in a grass and on trees. These large cephalopod mollusks are considered as a refined delicacy and at the beginning of the last century were exported from Russia to the French restaurants. It is possible to prepare them after vsey for gastronomic rules also at home, some time as before cooking of a snail it is required to prepare previously only for this purpose will be required.

It is required to you

  • Snails grape – 100 pieces
    • Desi - 2 packs
    • Wheat flour - 5 tablespoons
    • White wine - 2 glasses
    • Garlic – 1 head
    • Onion – 2 pieces
    • Desi – 300 g


1. It is required to clear a stomach and intestines of snails of those plants which they managed to plant before were caught. Wash out them in flowing water and make sure that all of them are alive. Put in a big metal pan, close a cover and leave for three days, periodically sprinkling them water that they didn't fall into anabiosis. In the first day fill up in a pan 3 spoons of wheat flour, in the second – one and a half, in the third you don't feed them absolutely.

2. Snails well wash out in cold flowing water, put in a pan, sprinkle lemon juice, fill in with cold water and put a pan on fire. After boiling boil them 7-8 minutes.

3. Drain water and a small fork get snails from sinks. Wash out sinks, put in a pan, fill up with soda and salt, put to cook for an hour then once again wash out them from sand and lay out on a paper kitchen towel for drying.

4. At snails remove with scissors intestines, having left one leg. Put them in a pan, put a bulb, salt, fill in with water in half with wine and you cook 1 hour on slow fire.

5. In the blender cut a bulb, the cleaned garlic gloves and a bunch of parsley, process everything in puree, very small, add some salt. Mash a desi of room temperature a fork and mix, slightly shaking up with blender bowl contents.

6. Drain water from a pan with snails, snails cool. Put a little oil with greens in each sink, then a boiled snail and from above seal a sink even in the portion of oil, fold them in capacity with covers and send to the freezer.

7. When you are going to give them on a table, warm an oven, in a baking pan pour out a layer of coarse salt, cover it with a leaf of a foil and lay out on it snails oil traffic jams up, doing small deepenings in salt that shell macaroni products didn't turn over. Put a form in an oven and when oil begins to boil, get it give snails on a table directly in it that they remained hot longer.

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