How to prepare squash with forcemeat in an oven

How to prepare squash with forcemeat in an oven

The squash baked with forcemeat - very juicy, fragrant and tasty dish. It is preparing very quickly, and the result will please all family.

The ingredients necessary for preparation of squash with forcemeat:

  • about 0.5 kg of squash;
  • 300 g of the mixed forcemeat (pork with beef in equal proportions is the best of all);
  • 1 bulb;
  • 1 egg (crude);
  • 100 g of a grated hard cheese;
  • 2/3 h spoon of salt;
  • pepper and other spices to taste.

We prepare squash with forcemeat in an oven

1. First of all it is necessary to prepare squash. For this dish it is worth choosing squash of the average size and already rather mature. Young squash will become very soft when roasting. The chosen squash it is necessary to wash, clean off a thin skin and to cut on circles about 1.5 cm high. After that from circles it is necessary to remove sunflower seeds.

2. On a baking tray to put parchment, to slightly oil and lay out on it rings of squash.

3. In forcemeat small to cut or grate the cleaned bulb. Add salt, a little pepper is possible. There to break crude egg. It is good to mix forcemeat.

4. It is very dense to fill rings of squash with forcemeat, having filled with it all core.

5. The oven should be warmed and put well a baking tray with squash to be baked approximately for half an hour at 180 degrees.

6. In half an hour to strew every portion squash with a grated cheese (approximately on a tablespoon on each ringlet) and to bake 8-10 more minutes. 

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