How to prepare sweet rolls

How to prepare sweet rolls

Since the oldest times pastries took a place of honor on a table. Pies and rolls long since were considered as festive food and a symbol of hospitality in the house. In spite of the fact that presently confectionery can be bought without effort in any shop, sometimes there is a strong wish to remember taste of newly-baked roll, familiar since childhood. Many consider that preparation of home-made rolls takes a lot of time and forces and for this reason bake them extremely seldom. Actually it is possible to bake them quickly enough, and from quite available to all products.

It is required to you

  • flour - 3 St;
    • milk - 1 St;
    • sugar - 0.5 St;
    • yeast powder - 8 g;
    • eggs - 3 pieces;
    • margarine - 50 g;
    • vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons;
    • vanillin;
    • salt - 0.5 tsps.


1. For a start it is necessary to put dough for buns. Pour a glass of milk in a small pan and warm up it on small fire. Don't do it absolutely hot, it has to be only slightly warm. After that add sugar and yeast to milk. Let's them stand a little. When milk begins to rise, add to it eggs, the softened butter or margarine, it is a little salt, vegetable oil, vanillin and flour. In advance shake up eggs the mixer, then your buns will turn out more magnificent.

2. Then properly mix everything and look what dough on consistence turned out. If torments is small add still. After that at once begin to knead dough. The ready test needs to allow to stand twenty - thirty minutes in the warm place that it could approach well. After time lay out dough on a table.

3. Roll dough in roll. Slowly cut off on one piece and roll each piece in flat cake. Do flat cake by size approximately about a small saucer. Then plentifully oil it by means of a brush vegetable or softened by margarine. From above sugar and roll in a roll. After that in the middle of roll make a section through which turn out one of edges. Buns can give the form anyone, include the imagination and you create.

4. Now oil a baking tray vegetable and spread on it buns. Let's them stand at the room temperature of ten-fifteen minutes. As soon as they rise, grease them with a frothed eggs. All bun isn't obligatory to be greased at all, the main thing, well grease core. After that at once send them to an oven. Buns very quickly are baked. As soon as they rise, at once get them.

5. Lay out ready pastries on linen fabric and cover with a towel. Buns turn out tasty and a little unusual.

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