How to prepare tasty toasts

How to prepare tasty toasts

Toasts - one of fast and simple, but very tasty dishes. The simplest recipe will take you only several minutes. We offer you one of a set of ways of preparation of tasty toasts.

It is required to you

  • 1 long loaf;
    • 100 g of a desi;
    • 1 dozen eggs;
    • 200 g of mayonnaise;
    • 100 g of a dry smoked sausage;
    • 2-3 tomatoes;
    • garlic;


1. Kindle a desi. Well warm a clean frying pan. Slice long loaf about 1 cm.

2. Dip long loaf in warm melted butter from two parties and put on a hot frying pan (having lowered fire to a minimum). Fry about two minutes or to a zarumyanivaniye of both parties. Remove toasts from a frying pan and put to cool down.

3. Cook hard boiled eggs. Grate them. Peel garlic and, dipping cloves in salt, rub the cooled-down toasts with garlic (on the one hand).

4. Smear long loaf with mayonnaise, without fail occupying regions and so that fried bread didn't appear through. Strew the smeared toasts with grated egg.

5. Slice tomatoes thin and crush fennel. On the one hand toasts put a piece of a smoked sausage, and with another – tomato.

6. Salt toasts and strew with the crushed fennel. Lay out on a dish and put in the fridge for 15-20 minutes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team