How to prepare three simple dishes from canned fishes

How to prepare three simple dishes from canned fishes

There are moments when it is impossible to make a full-fledged lunch in any way. Canned fishes will become the real rescue - with them it is possible to prepare both the first, and the second, and, even pie.

Pie from a saury in the multicooker

Will be necessary:

- canned food in oil - 1 bank

- kefir - 1 St;

- eggs of 2 pieces;

- flour - 2 St;

- sunflower oil - 2-3 tablespoons;

- potatoes of-1 piece;

- salt - 1/2ch. l;

- soda-1/2 of Part l;

- vinegar of 9% - 1 - 2 h l;

We shake up kefir and eggs in a deep bowl, in the small portions we add flour, we knead quite dense dough (as on fritters). We add sunflower oil and the soda extinguished by vinegar to ready dough, carefully we mix. In a bowl of the multicooker we spread 1/3 part of the test. We wash potatoes, we clean, we cut thin circles and we spread on dough.

We mash canned food (saury, a mackerel, a sardine) a fork and we spread on potatoes. It is possible to add small cut bulb and boiled egg, it will make pie more nourishing. On a stuffing we spread leftover dough and we include the pastries mode for 1 hour. We check readiness of pie a knife or a match. This pie can be baked also in an oven, about 40 minutes at a temperature of 180 wasps.

Cutlets from canned food with semolina

Will be necessary:

- canned fishes - 1 bank;

- eggs - 2 pieces;

- semolina - 4-6 tablespoons;

- a bulb - 1 piece (it is possible to replace with green onions);

- sunflower oil;

Canned food together with oil is shifted in a bowl, we knead a fork to a uniform state, we add some egg and it is carefully mixed. We add semolina in the small portions and we knead, we leave for 10-15 minutes for swelling of semolina. On density weight has to remind dough for fritters. We warm a frying pan, we bring oil to the boil, we diminish gas and a spoon we spread cutlets. We fry from two parties to a golden crust. these cutlets will be excellent addition to mashed potatoes.

Fast fish soup

Will be necessary:

On 2 liters of ready soup

- potatoes - 3 pieces;

- carrots - 1 piece;

- a bulb - 1 piece;

- canned food - 1 bank;

- sunflower oil - 1 tablespoon.

We add potatoes cut in cubes to the boiling water. We grate carrots on a small grater, small we crumble a bulb, we brown on slow fire 2-3 minutes and we pour out in a pan. We pour out semolina a thin stream, continuously stirring slowly. We spread canned food (any will approach) in soup (it is possible together with liquid), we boil 3-4 minutes, if necessary we add salt and spices. We switch off a plate and we leave to infuse 15-20 minutes under the closed cover. Before giving on a table, it is possible to strew with fresh greens.

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