How to prepare toasts with mushrooms

How to prepare toasts with mushrooms

Along with fried eggs and omelet the toasts are a popular breakfast. In French cuisine the toasts are called toasts, in Spanish - торрхас. But as not to call toasts, they will remain fried pieces of bread. It is possible to prepare toasts with a mushroom sauce or the baked mushrooms - the nourishing crunchy breakfast will turn out.

The recipe a toast with mushroom sousomingrediyenta:

- long loaf of stale white loaf; - 500 g of any mushrooms;

- 3 glasses of milk; - 4 eggs; - grated cheese; - 6 tablespoons of a desi; - sunflower oil. Cut bread on pieces 1 centimeter thick, dip milk, then in a frothed eggs. Fry in hot fan, cool.

Extinguish mushrooms in own juice to softness, add oil, salt to taste. Mix two glasses of milk with three vitelluses, enter to mushrooms. You cook until thick, stirring slowly that eggs didn't turn.

Water with a mushroom sauce toasts, strew with a grated cheese, the breakfast is ready. The recipe a toast with baked gribamiingrediyenta: - 200 g of mushrooms; - 120 g of bread; - 20 g of a desi; - 1 egg; - black pepper, salt, greens. Grease a baking tray with fat, place on it large hats of champignons, lay a small piece of oil on each hat, powder with a black pepper, bake in an oven. Boil hard boiled egg, pull out a yolk, pound with salt, lay out on the baked champignons, powder with the crushed fresh greens. Small chop protein, salt, mix with greens. Oil a frying pan, roast slices of white loaf on both sides, cool, put on each slice on a mushroom hat, around spread out egg white with greens.

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