How to prepare very tasty mussels

How to prepare very tasty mussels

Mussels stopped being a delicacy long ago. They are on sale not only in hypermarkets, but is frequent also in usual shops at quite affordable price. There is a lot of recipes with mussels, most often they are baked in an oven with various stuffings.

It is required to you

  • - 500 g of the New Zealand mussels (about 12 pieces);
  • - average bulb;
  • - 4 lardons;
  • - on 30 g of yellow and green pepper;
  • - 180 g of a desi;
  • - 15 ml of juice of a lime or lemon;
  • - Tabasco sauce to taste;
  • - 10 ml of oyster sauce;
  • - 60 g of bread crumbs;
  • - salt.


1. Mussels need to be separated from sinks, and carefully to wash up sinks.

2. We cut bacon on pieces and we fry in a frying pan till golden color. Onions and pepper are cut in cubes. From a frying pan with bacon we remove excess fats and we spread vegetables, we fry on slow fire until onions and pepper don't become soft.

3. We crush onions, pepper and bacon in the blender, we remove in the fridge that weight cooled down a little.

4. In a bowl we mix 120 g of a desi with lime juice, the Tabasco sauce and oyster sauce. We add to mix the cooled weight from vegetables and bacon, we salt and it is carefully mixed.

5. We kindle the remained oil (60 g) in a frying pan, we pour out bread crumbs, quickly we mix and we remove from fire.

6. We return mussels in the cleaned sinks, from above we spread a stuffing and bread crumbs. We bake at a temperature of 200C within 10-12 minutes.

7. It is the best of all to serve a ready-to-eat meal with lime juice.

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