How to preserve apple juice

How to preserve apple juice

The apple juice made in house conditions has to keep as much as possible the nutritive and useful properties. This task is feasible if to choose for juice preparation fleshy ripe fruits, but not overripe and stale. Process apples as fast as possible, use only enameled and glasswares, not to boil a long time and right after pasteurization hermetically to close.

What is required

For apple juice choose ripe apples of juicy not sour grades.

For process of preservation it will be required: - juice extractor; - banks on 1, 2 or 3 liters and covers; - seamer; - two small pans and a support for sterilization of cans; - towels or big napkins;

- capacity glass or enameled for collecting juice; - the enameled capacity for juice pasteurization; - the enameled bucket for a spill of juice in banks; - seamer; - detergents or baking soda for washing of cans; - blanket or a plaid for an ukutyvaniye of cans with juice.

Process of preservation of apple juice

Wash the apples chosen for juice in a deep bowl, after washing shift in other bowl or a pan. Let's flow down to water from wet apples. Wash banks outside and inside with use of detergents or baking soda. Carefully rinse them and put a neck on the towel outspread on a table down, allowing to flow down water. Establish and connect the juice extractor. Will approach electric or mechanical. It is possible to use a press. Establish a baking plate a fillet for juice the enameled capacity for collecting svezheotzhaty juice. Cut apples on quarter timbers. It is better to destem. Clean in passing places with spots of decay or spoiled when falling apples on the earth. Cover the cut apples with a towel or a napkin. Work quickly as apples have property quickly to be oxidized on air. Start juicing. Act according to the instruction to the juice extractor. In the standard juice extractor put the apples cut on quarter timbers in a tray, press down a special plate and wring out juice. Put collected juice on a plate in the enameled pan and heat to temperature of 70-80 degrees. Fill a separate small pan half with water, bring to the boil and lower covers for rolling of cans in boiled water, disconnect fire in one or two minutes. While juice heats up, install on a plate a small pan with water and a support for sterilization of cans. On a support establish to bank and you hold it for couple 1-2 minutes until bank gets warm and will become transparent from the condensate which is flowing down on an inner surface. Establish the sterilized banks on a dry surface of a table or a dry towel by a neck up. As soon as juice heats up to temperature of 70 degrees, disconnect a plate and start a spill of juice in banks. Establish on a plain surface to bank, it is better on a stool. Fill in with a bucket juice, close a sterile cover and roll up the seamer. Set aside rolled up to bank on the floor laid by a blanket. For this purpose to bank turn a neck down. Cover to bank from above with a blanket. Start a spill of juice in following bank. And so until you process all juice. The blanket can be removed from cans in a day. Transfer the cooled-down banks with juice to a cellar or the storeroom. If desired and existence of other berries and fruit, spicy herbs (mint, a melissa) before sterilization it is possible to add a branch of mint or a melissa to ready juice. Also you can add juice of berries. Berries of a chokeberry, plum, grapes, pears, pumpkin will approach.

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