How to preserve meat

How to preserve meat

Canned meat always come to the rescue when it is necessary to make a fast dinner or a lunch. At observance of a compounding of preparation and the correct storage they can keep all the gustatory qualities within several years.


1. Carefully wash out banks in which meat will be laid in hot water and put to dry upside down. For packaging use a glass container with a capacity no more than one liter. Glass covers with metal clips or covers from tin will be necessary for you for obstruction.

2. Prepare meat for preservation. If you want to preserve a raw meat, properly wash out it, dry, remove films. Chop on pieces, convenient for a bookmark. The processed meat, for example stewed or baked, it is necessary to stack hot, at once after preparation.

3. Spread out steaks on banks so that it was two centimeters lower than mouth level. Fill in a prepackaged meat with sauce. For the processed meat to they serve the juice which remained after suppression or frying. For a raw meat make broth from cartilages and bones or a brine from 15 grams of salt and 1 liter of water. Filling by filling has to happen only hot. If you use glass covers with clips, at once cork banks. If covers tin, scald them and cover banks.

4. Prepare a container for sterilization. For this purpose put cups vertically on the metal lattice which is previously placed on a bottom of the big copper or enameled tank. Fill in banks with glass covers with water completely. They won't break in the course of sterilization as the cover will rise, and excess steam will come out through a crack. Fill in banks with tin covers with water only to neck level.

5. Slowly bring water to the boil. Sterilize for two hours at moderate boiling. At once after sterilization roll up banks with tin covers and put upside down on a towel. The leak will come to light at once if banks are rolled up incorrectly. Glass covers with elastic bands after cooling will hermetically stick to banks then clips can be removed.

6. After cooling, sauce becomes jellylike, and on its surface the fat layer has to appear. It increases a period of storage of canned food. You store meat in the dry, protected from light place. From time to time canned food needs to be looked through and greased with cover fat.

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