How to process mushrooms

How to process mushrooms

Mushrooms are tasty gifts of the wood if to prepare them properly, then they will be decoration of a table. Some species of mushrooms can be eaten crude, but in most cases before the use they need to be processed.

It is required to you

  • mushrooms;
    • salt
    • vinegar
    • citric acid.


1. Carefully touch the mushrooms brought home check that in them there were no false copies and toadstools. Divide them into types. Throw out the flabby, worm-eaten and outgrown mushrooms.

2. Wet the selected mushrooms with a small amount червотин in cold salty solution (in the ratio 70 grams of salt on one liter of water).

3. Wet strongly polluted mushrooms in cold water without salt.

4. To the good cleaned mushrooms cut off legs, at slippery jacks skim top and lower, at milk mushrooms carefully scratch out the top black layer, at сырожек accurately husk a hat.

5. Wet mushrooms with bitter lacteal juice not less, than for two days in water, remove to the cool place. Change water not less than three times a day.

6. Wash cepes and champignons with water with addition of citric acid or vinegar in order that they didn't darken.

7. After washing put champignons and cepes on a sieve and scald their three times hot water, and boil thoroughly other mushrooms in the boiling water about three minutes.

8. Put morels, lines for half an hour in cold water in order that the earth and litter soaked. After that several times carefully wash out mushrooms and boil thoroughly in the boiling water ten minutes for removal of the gelvelovy acid harmful to an organism which is available in them. After cooking immediately merge broth.

9. At slippery jacks remove a mucous thin skin, wash out them and boil thoroughly in the boiling water three minutes.

10. To eliminate specific bitterish smack, boil thoroughly saffron milk caps a couple of minutes in the boiling water.

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