How to reduce appetite and feeling of hunger

How to reduce appetite and feeling of hunger

The unhealthy appetite involves uncontrolled absorption of food that negatively affects digestive tract and activity of all systems of an organism. One more unpleasant moment of the increased appetite is a set of excess weight.

Appetite it is possible and it is necessary to control. For this purpose the nutritionists recommend to conform to several simple rules:

  • Drink a lot of liquid. Quite often the person confuses a condition of thirst and feeling of hunger. Water promotes a fast metabolism. It is necessary to drink a clear water and, more rare, drinks of own preparation from natural ingredients.
  • To move more. The physical activity affects appetite. First, moving, the person thinks of food less, secondly, in the movement and activities are burned excess calories.
  • Don't miss a breakfast. For breakfast the nutritionists advise to accept slow carbohydrates in food – the organism spends more energy for their processing and time. The breakfast has to be full, contain the products rich with cellulose and useful vitamins.
  • Control amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in food. It is simple science, after several days it will become simpler to understand structure of food. Also in the help of definition I WATCH there are special applications on the smartphone or computer programs.
  • Have a green tea. Sometimes through certain time after a meal tea wants to drink hot, itself shouldn't refuse it. A green tea is rich with amino acids, antioxidants and useful substances, stimulates activity of a brain, and tea with herbs helps to relax. It is wrong to accompany a tea drinking with eating of cakes or sandwiches.
  • Not lose hope. Weight loss – difficult process, not only physiological, but also in terms of psychology. Abstaining from any given products, or favourite dishes it is important to remember: everything has to be with benefit for an organism.
  • Eat fractionally and at the scheduled time. Nutritionists unanimously claim: eat gradually, but it is frequent, 5-6 times a day. Important and observance of time – so the organism will get used, and problems with suddenly arisen appetite won't be any more.

If there was a feeling of hunger, it isn't necessary to suffer, it is better to eat, but to be legible in the food preferences and to consider time of day:

  • in the morning till 11 o'clock it is preferable to use nourishing porridges, rich dishes. Salad or vegetable cutting, fresh fruit is obligatory. A breakfast – time of replenishment of stocks of energy for all day;
  • the lunch surely has to include low-fat food, first course, a fresh vegetables;
  • Yo-dinner light meal. The organism is preparing for rest, excessive load of a stomach will only prevent normal rest.

Besides the main meals exist also intermediate, or having a snack. It is useful to have a bite yogurt, a handful of natural nuts, fruit, jelly or any simple dish. It is important not to gorge on – otherwise having a snack becomes a lunch or a dinner.

It is important to observe a water balance of an organism – it is recommended to drink a pure water a day not less than 1.5-2 liters. Ideally is a clear water, but sometimes it is possible with various additives: honey, lemon, ginger, citrus, mint.

The appetite provokes also frequent stay in a stressful state. In that case it is necessary to avoid conditional irritants, the use of the natural antidepressants calming and tonics on the basis of mint, a melissa, hips will be also useful. In pharmacies, special grass collecting is on sale.

Often losing weight associate diets, restrictions in food and control of appetite with a heavy burden and continuous failures, consider it the difficult period in the life. Really to shape up – the responsible task demanding considerable efforts. In the question "restraints" of excessive appetite it is worth paying attention to low-calorie dishes. But you shouldn't be fond of them, otherwise the feeling of hunger can constantly pursue.

For a loss of appetite and the correct observance of a diet experts recommend to adhere to a diet and a daily routine. Of course, to follow constantly the schedule it turns out not always.

One more helpful advice – consumption of natural honey. This delicacy not only is capable to replace sugar, but also it is useful for all organism in general, and, in particular, for activity of a brain: in it there are an iodine, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. By association of nutritionists it is proved that honey is acquired in digestive tract till 10-12 o'clock, it not only feeling of satiety, but also uniform loading.

Observing the correct diet it is possible not only to cope with big appetite and to lose weight, but also to considerably improve the health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team