How to reduce the caloric content of dishes without loss of taste

How to reduce the caloric content of dishes without loss of taste

If the person watches over the health, he surely pays attention to food, including to the caloric content of products. And when there is a wish to keep taste, but at the same time to reduce the general calorie content, it is necessary to go on some cunnings.


One of the most important rules for those who don't want to change cardinally the diet, but at the same time seeks to eat properly is to replace harmful products with useful. In particular, it is about replacement of silnokaloriyny products by less high-calorie, but relatives to taste.

There is a universal set of healthy food which safely promotes weight reduction, to the general improvement of a condition of an organism and at the same time doesn't affect gustatory qualities of the dishes prepared with addition of these products in any way. Enter this set: sour cream, natural yoghourt, sugar substitute, adjika, skim milk, compote, fillet of chicken breast, ham.

As you can see, it is generally about sauces. Really, exactly thanks to sauces the caloric content of your diet increases by one and a half times. All favourite mayonnaise, even from a series of "lungs", contains at least 300 Kcal on 100 g while sour cream of 15% of fat content – 158 Kcal. It is possible to replace with sour cream mayonnaise practically everywhere – at preparation of meat, snack and sauces. As for salads, that is option, even more favorable in terms of caloric content, – a natural yoghourt. In it only 66 Kcal, at the same time, using it instead of mayonnaise and the more so sour creams, you won't feel a difference at all. And it is tasty, and it is useful. Replace ketchup with adjika. At it and taste more natural, and calories twice smaller (54 against 95). Skim milk will be about 100 Kcal "easier" fat so it can safely be added to pastries, the taste at the same time won't change, and the general caloric content will decrease on the one fifth part. Instead of chicken use fillet of chicken breast, in it clean low-calorie meat without fat impurity, and it is considered the most tasty part of this bird. And replace sausage with more tasty ham. As for sugar – it is the main source of calories. Three cups of tea with sugar will add 126 Kcal to your organism, and here sugar substitute – is 10 times less though there is practically no difference in taste.

Correct ware

One more secret of hostesses is the correct ware. The double boiler, a convection oven and a frying pan with non-stick coating – the best friends of supporters of healthy nutrition. And if in the double boiler the products after all lose in taste a little, the convection oven allows to cook also well, as well as in a usual frying pan. The same concerns non-stick coating which allows to fry without oil. By the way, in 100 g of sunflower oil 899 Kcal contain. Present how you make heavier the food, frying it with addition of such oils. For an example it is possible to compare cutlets: fried in oil have the caloric content of 295 Kcal, and without oil – 179 Kcal. Reject stereotypes that healthy food can't be tasty. Perhaps if you apply small cunnings in the kitchen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team