How to remove bitterness wine

How to remove bitterness wine

Process of preparation of wine in house conditions is quite long and labor-consuming, demands high concentration of attention in time to monitor all processes happening during fermentation. If not to do it, then wine can begin to spoil and in it bitterness will appear.

It is required to you

  • - device for pitting;
  • - blender with a nozzle for berries and fruit;
  • - sieve;
  • - alcohol;
  • - glucose;
  • - oak bark or barrel.


1. The main and most common cause of emergence of bitterness is a wine deposit which represents the yeast processed in the course of fermentation. If not to merge it in time, then it begins to decay and decay, as leads to emergence of unpleasant taste. Unfortunately, in this case wine should be poured out as not to get rid of bitterness any more, and such wine doesn't suit for the use.

2. One more reason of deterioration in taste of wine - low-quality preparation of components for it. It can be rotten berries or fruit, existence in shredded mix of small branches or leaves. That your wine had a pleasant flavor, correctly ripened and didn't taste bitter, carefully select all material for a bookmark. Yeast has to be fresh, berries clean and dry-through, without decay, fruit stems and leaves.

3. Make taste of wine bitter also the stones which are contained in fruits therefore it is desirable to get rid of them can. If you use grades which it isn't possible to remove a core from (for example, a rowan), then crush berry weight more carefully or wipe through a sieve. Preliminary freezing of such berries will become one more opportunity to save wine from bitterness, then your drink will have a soft wood taste.

4. If you and a deposit merged in time, and prepared material excellent, and wine tastes bitter, try to pour it in in advance prepared oak cask, add high-quality alcohol with a strength not less than sixty degrees and sustain about half a year in the dark place. If there is no barrel, then with wine add a teaspoon of the crushed oak bark on each three liters of liquid to a large bottle. Then cork it and leave in the dark place approximately for six-seven months. After this time get a large bottle, merge wine since the rest, filter through a gauze and add a half of a tablespoon of glucose. Now wine is ready-to-serve.

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