How to salt a humpback salmon pieces in house conditions

How to salt a humpback salmon pieces in house conditions

The humpback salmon concerns valuable fishes of family of salmon and has tasty and very gentle meat. This fish can be cooked, fried, extinguished and subjected to a pickles. One of the most widespread ways of preparation of a humpback salmon is salting by pieces in a brine or a dry way.

From a light-salted humpback salmon it is possible to make tasty sandwiches, salads or is just like that together with greens. It is originally necessary to prepare a humpback salmon for salting correctly. For this purpose wash out fish under flowing water, remove the head and fins, clean from scales, then take bones and a spine. It is also possible to flay with fishes.

If you want to facilitate to yourself a task, then you clean slightly frost-damaged humpback salmon.

Cut fillet of a humpback salmon on portion pieces which then should be washed out carefully.

Ambassador of a humpback salmon pieces in the dry way

One of the easiest and fast ways of salting a humpback salmon in house conditions is the dry salting. It is required to you:

- 1 kg of a humpback salmon;

- 100 g of salt;

- 1 tablespoons of sugar;

- 5-6 tablespoons of sunflower oil.

For salting it is the best of all to use the enameled or glass capacity on which bottom should be poured sunflower oil.

Connect sugar and salt, mix. If desired it is possible to add any spices for fish to your taste. Rub with the turned-out mix pieces of a humpback salmon. In the prepared capacity accurately lay out fish, from above fill in with sunflower oil.

Cover capacity with fish and leave for 2-3 hours, then move to the fridge for day. Later the specified time the humpback salmon salted by pieces in house conditions is completely ready.

The ambassador of a humpback salmon pieces in a brine

It will be required to you:

- 1 kg of a humpback salmon;

- 100 g of salt;

- 50 g of sugar;

- 1 tablespoons of vinegar (9%).

In a pan pour water, add salt and vinegar, then boil. Cool the received solution to room temperature and fill in with it a humpback salmon. Take fish in a brine 1-2 hours, and further send her to the fridge for 2 days.

Through the specified time merge a brine, lay out a humpback salmon on plates, decorate with fennel, green onions and salad, also sprinkle a small amount of olive oil. The humpback salmon salted by pieces is ready and it can be given to a table.

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