How to salt bacon

How to salt bacon

Bacon, smoked and salty, incredibly tasty, but expensive product which not each family is capable to afford. It is possible to reduce considerably costs if to learn to cook bacon independently.

Recipe of salting bacon in the dry way

In fact, salting bacon differs in nothing from preparation for the future of lard. There are 2 salt methods: dry and in a brine.

To salt home-made bacon, the following ingredients will be required: 1 kg of a belly, head of garlic, 100 g of rock salt of a rough grinding, 1-2 bay leaves, spices.

Bacon - a belly, steaks with the expressed fat layers. Choosing brisket for salting, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality. Meat has to have equal pink color, and fat streaks – white. If to press meat a finger, the pole quickly disappears. Best of all brisket with wide meat strips and narrow fat is suitable for salting bacon.

Brisket is cut on pieces 10-12 cm wide. Meat is carefully washed out, cut off costal bones and dried by means of tissues. Garlic is peeled from a peel and cut cloves thin plates. Salt is mixed with favourite spices, for example, a black sprinkling pepper. Pork steaks carefully rub with mix. The brisket is thicker, the more it will be required to salt. Then pork steaks are larded a part of garlic and shifted in convenient capacity a skin down. The top part of brisket is laid over the garlic remains, add bay leaf and filled up with residues of mix from salt and seasonings. Within 2 days, brisket has to be salted at the room temperature. Further it is sent to the fridge for 3 days. During salting it is necessary to merge periodically from capacity the liquid emitted with bacon. Ready brisket is washed out in flowing cold water and dried napkins. It is the best of all to store home-made bacon in the freezer, having inwrapped in food wrap.

Salting home-made bacon in a brine

Preparation of liter of a brine will require the following products: 100 g of salt, 10 g of sugar, 1-2 bay leaves, 5-6 peas of a black pepper, seasonings to taste. Meat is washed out and stacked in a deep pan dense layers. Water is boiled, having added salt, sugar, bay leaf and spices to a pan. Fill in with the cooled-down brine pieces of brisket. The brine has to close meat completely. It is possible to press down brisket cargo. Capacity is kept in the cool place within 3-4 days. This time has to be enough for salting medium-sized pieces of brisket. Salty meat is washed out, dried and stored in the freezer. The salting of bacon has in the wet way clear advantage. Salt gets into a product quicker and is distributed evenly. Besides, at the exit fresh-salted, very tasty bacon turns out.

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