How to salt fish for drying

How to salt fish for drying

At the most excellent catch there is always one question what to do with such quantity of fish that she wasn't gone? There is one good storage technique - drying, but fish needs to be prepared previously.

It is required to you

  • - a wooden box (the enameled pan);
  • - salt of a coarse grinding;
  • - small or average sizes river fish.


1. A baking plate we wash with cold flowing water fish, and here it isn't necessary to clean it before salting.

2. A bottom of a wooden box or the enameled pan we cover with a salt layer about 0.5 cm. Then on a bottom we spread a washed fish and again we fill up with a salt layer. We alternate groups of fish and salt until the container is filled.

3. On fish we put cargo. For this purpose it is possible to use a plate of the smaller size and a 3-liter jar with water as cargo.

4. We move away fish to the cool place for 4-5 days. After the expiration of time of salting, we get fish from a brine and we wash with pure flowing water from salt.

5. We stack fish in a clean pan and we fill in with water that all excess salt came out it. We leave fish in water for 1 hour, after that we get it and we dry on a paper towel.

6. Now we suspend the prepared fish on hooks and we leave to dry for 5-10 days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team