How to salt fish for sushi

How to salt fish for sushi

Sushi are a dish of Japanese cuisine? for which preparation use such ingredients as: rice, fish, seafood, and an alga – a hole. Art of making sushi needs to study, in Japanese cuisine the set of subtleties, all ingredients have to be prepared and cut in a certain way. Fish in sushi is used both crude, and salty, a wet fish it is necessary, it is only correct to cut and how to salt fish for sushi?


1. The most suitable for salting – red fish, it can be a salmon, a trout, a salmon, etc. For a start, you need to choose it and to get. You shouldn't give preference to frozen fish, her true taste is lost in the course of a defrosting. If in shop there is fresh red fish, then of course, better choose her.

2. If you bought a whole fish, but not fillet, then cut off the head and a tail, pull out a backbone and try to clean from bones. For salting you will need a small piece of fillet, about 350-400 grams, one tablespoon of salt, one lemon and is a little paprika. Salt surely has to be coarse, small iodinated salt won't approach.

3. Take the prepared piece of fish, salt it from all directions and paprika, further you can accurately, kind of pound salt and seasoning. Develop a thick foil on a table, on it put the prepared fish, and beset from all sides a piece by thin slices of a lemon, from above water with lemon juice and inwrap in a foil. You shouldn't use citric acid, the effect of it can be unexpected and fish to turn out absolutely tasteless.

4. Further leave fish in the room approximately for an hour, then it can be transferred to the fridge. After the small fish to be cooled a little, you can start making sushi, the remained piece can be put in the deep freeze and to get as required. However don't defreeze fish, for example, under water at all, or in the microwave oven, it has to depart itself at the room temperature, then the taste will be saturated, and meat very gentle. If to leave fish in the fridge, having lain down, she can gather too much salt. Of course, in it there is nothing terrible, but after all for making sushi it is recommended to use too salty products.

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