How to salt houses fish

How to salt houses fish

The salted fish is not only real delicacy which it is possible to indulge relatives or friends, but also a great way to save your family budget. Salting fish is very simple and doesn't demand a lot of time.

In house conditions it is possible to salt a salmon, a salmon, a chinook, a humpback salmon and any river fish. There are several ways of salting: spiced salting, balykovy ambassador, preparation of "vobla". Choose a way of salting depending on that, what is the time you plan to store fish. For the future are suitable for preparation of fish a balyk or a vobla and to eat fish at once — spiced salting.

Salted fish solted with spices

Spiced salting is suitable for freshwater fish from 200 to 1000 g. For spiced salting of fish it is required to you: - 1 kg of fish;

- salt; - pepper (to taste); - coriander; - the enameled or plastic capacity for salting; - fridge.

Fish doesn't need to be washed and cleaned. In case the fish who froze, then it can be not defrozen. Prepare the enameled or plastic capacity for salting. Lay the first group of fish in capacity, alternating tails and the heads. On the bottom it is the best of all to spread the most large fish. Fill up the first layer of salt. It needs to be put very little, but evenly. Also put several sheets of bay leaf, a pea of pepper and the crushed or integral coriander. Further lay the second group of fish and carry out salting. In the same way lay fish to the very top. Cover capacity with a wooden circle that it lay on fish, and from above establish oppression. As oppression it is possible to use a cylinder with water. Then put capacity with fish to the cool place for 3-4 days. 12 hours later fish has to emit juice. In 3-4 days get capacity, merge juice, wash out fish, and then wet for an hour in water to remove excess salt. Spread out several layers of the newspaper on a table, and from above a gauze, then lay out your fish and you dry within 2 hours, then turn and again leave for 2 hours. About readiness of a salted fish you can judge by the fact that it gained pink color and an appetizing savor. Now fish can be eaten. You store a salted fish in the freezer of the fridge or on cold.

Preparation of "vobla"

For preparation of "vobla" salt fish just as at spiced salting, for 3-4 days. Further wash out it, remove salt, wipe and hang up to dry on a fishing line or a nylon thread. After that you keep a salted fish in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Salted fish of a balykovy salting

It is the best of all to dry a large fish in the balykovy way. For a balykovy salting of fish it is required to you: - 1 kg of fish; - 10 tablespoons of salt; - 4 tablespoons of sugar; - cinnamon; - coriander; - pepper; - gauze; - fridge. Wash out and draw fish, having cut off her the head and a tail and also having separated the lower part to edges which is salted separately at smaller amount of salt. For very large fish make longitudinal sections inside. Mix 10 tablespoons of salt, 4 tablespoons of sugar, it is a little cinnamon, a coriander and pepper and rub with this mix your fish. Inwrap each fish in a gauze and tie with a twine. Put in the fridge. Fish at a pickles will emit juice — surely merge it. 7-10 days later wash out fish and dry wipe. The salted fish can be given to a table. It is necessary to store such fish in the fridge, from time to time wiping with oil.

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