How to salt tasty cucumbers in bank

How to salt tasty cucumbers in bank

We bring to your attention one more recipe of salting cucumbers in banks. The vegetables made on it turn out crunchy, not strongly salty and unusually tasty. At the same time you for their preparation shouldn't use the special efforts.

It is required to you

  • - Cucumbers of any size, without yellowness;
  • - Salt, sugar and vinegar - to taste;
  • - Cherry and currant branches - on 3 pieces on bank;
  • - Horse-radish - according to 1 leaf on a glass container;
  • - Fennel branches - on 2 pieces on bank;
  • - Large garlic gloves - on 1-2 pieces on bank.


1. First of all it is necessary to collect cucumbers. It is possible to take both big, and small. The main thing - that on them wasn't yellow spots, signs of damages and diseases.

2. Further cucumbers it is necessary to wash well a baking plate with flowing water (it is desirable, but it is possible also in a bucket). Cut off at them tips from two parties. Wet in a clear water for 10-12 hours.

3. After time to get cucumbers from a bucket, again it is good to wash out. Cut off the appeared slippery ""skin"" since two ends.

4. On the sterilized banks to spread out greens, spices and garlic gloves divided in half. Lay out in them cucumbers as it is possible more densely. At once to fill in with the boiling water, using a clean glass or a ladle. Leave for 40 minutes for cooling.

5. While banks stand, it is necessary to put on gas a pan with water again. When liquid begins to boil, to pour into it salt and sugar. To taste the brine has to turn out well put too much salt with slightly sweetish smack.

6. When banks cool down, water from them should be poured out in a sink. It is impossible to use it. Right after it in a container to pour a sugar and salt brine. Again to leave for 40 minutes for cooling.

7. When banks cool down for the 2nd time, the brine from them needs to be poured in a pan and to bring to the boil. At the end to pour in 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar in ware (liquid has to be slightly sourish). Boil 1-2 more minutes.

8. Pour a brine on banks so that it completely covered cucumbers. Cover with iron covers, allow to stand 1-2 minutes. Add if it is necessary still a brine (to the edge of a container). Close banks by means of a special key and remove a baking plate ""fur coat"" for cooling. Then to take out on cold.

9. It is possible to store the tasty cucumbers prepared according to this recipe within 2-3 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team