How to satisfy hunger

How to satisfy hunger

Hunger - at all not the most pleasant feeling which we feel. Besides, it can arise at the most inappropriate moment. It is possible to satisfy hunger quickly, but, unfortunately, it is not always useful to an organism.


1. If fast food not for you, pay attention to what you eat during the day. If it is correct to pick up products, it will be possible to control feeling of hunger, and it won't take you unawares. During the day give preference to low-fat meat, vegetables, whole-grain bread. For breakfast it is possible to eat porridge - carbohydrates will be slowly split, and the feeling of hunger will come at a distant day. If you felt hunger suddenly, buy (or take from the house) a few nutlets (almonds, a filbert, cashew). There will be enough 20-30 grams to satisfy feeling of hunger and after a while normally to eat.

2. In your bag also tasty green apple will be useful. It is much more useful than some sandwiches and hamburgers, and hunger wins with a bang. Besides, apples contain cellulose which positively influences digestion.

3. Dried fruits are the great and bright idea for unplanned having a snack too. They won't do much harm to a figure (if is them in reasonable quantities) and will saturate an organism with useful substances. Several pieces of dried apricots and prunes - and you again in shape!

4. If it is necessary to have very quickly, literally a snack - make a choice for drinking yogurt. His creators not casually thought up to fill in tasty drink in a small bottle is very convenient way to satisfy hunger.

5. A green tea helps to satisfy feeling of hunger perfectly. It is enough to drink only a small cup, and it will be simpler ""to live"" up to the following meal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team