How to separate salt from pepper

How to separate salt from pepper

Divide the mixed salts and a sprinkling pepper — an ancient physical task. It can have also purely practical value when somewhere far from a civilization at you in a backpack the contents of two torn bags mixed up. Two substances can be divided by means of the fact that they differently behave in water.

It is required to you

  • - mix of salt and pepper;
  • - glass or plastic vessel;
  • - the enameled mug;
  • - tissues;
  • - funnel;
  • - water;
  • - kerosene stove, marching gas stove or fire.


1. Warm up water. It is necessary in order that salt was quicker dissolved. However be not overzealous and you don't bring water to the boil. It has to be warm, but isn't hotter, otherwise pepper will cook.

2. Fill mix of salt and pepper in any ware. Fill in it with water. Accurately stir slowly mix with a spoon or a stick that salt was quicker dissolved. If you correctly warmed up water, pepper will float on a surface. He can be collected by the same spoon, to shift in small flat capacity (for example, in a cover from banks) and to dry up in the sun. In the course of it it is necessary to mix several times that didn't decay when you pack it again after a halt.

3. Kind of accurately you picked pepper from the surface of solution, you will hardly manage to catch it all. Therefore solution needs to be filtered. It is the best of all to make it through a funnel. However it in field conditions it can not appear. Make it. Take any plastic bottle and cut off as it is possible more exactly its top part. The funnel is ready. As you should work with not really hot liquid, the handle is optional.

4. Put a napkin in half. Enclose the filter in a funnel, having closed an opening. Accurately filter solution over the enameled mug. It is possible to use a napkin once.

5. Put the enameled mug with solution on fire. For evaporation it is better to use a kerosene stove or the marching oven, but as a last resort it is possible to do it and on a shive. You hold a mug on fire until all water boils away. At the bottom there will be a salt. If at the same time at you soup cooks on a shive, a part of salt solution can be used at once. Your satellites, having tried the dish prepared by you, won't feel any difference.

6. If you are going to pack salt again, dry it. It, of course, won't decay as pepper. However in a campaign it is necessary to try that the weight of a backpack was as little as possible therefore each gram is important. The dry product weighs slightly less than wet. Salt dries quickly enough so you won't waste a lot of time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team