How to shake up cream with sugar

How to shake up cream with sugar

The cream which is shaken up with sugar is a part of many confectionery recipes. This real decoration of any cake, cake or dessert. The mild and delicate flavor of whipped cream is perfectly combined with fresh berries and fruit, they are especially good with raspberry, strawberry, a kiwi, peaches. Though such cream is rather simple in preparation, it is necessary to shake up cream with sugar, knowing several small secrets.

It is required to you

  • Cream 30-33% fat - 200 grams,
    • Icing sugar – 3 tablespoons,
    • Vanillin or vanilla sugar – 5 grams.


1. In order that cream was well shaken up, they need to be cooled previously. They have to be fresh. It is the best of all to shake up them on ice or having placed a bowl in which there will be cream, in very cold water.

2. For beating it is recommended to use the mixer with the mixer in the form of a frame, but if it is absent, then it is possible to make it by means of a metal or wooden nimbus, it, of course, will be longer.

3. Lay out cream in a bowl for beating and establish mixer speed on the lowest speed. Begin to shake up, then add sugar and vanilla, it is possible to increase a whipping rate a little. Be not overzealous and stop in time when there are steady pikes that cream didn't turn into oil - as soon as weight thickens, stop shaking up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team