How to smoke in house conditions

How to smoke in house conditions

Smoking is subdivided into cold more hotly. Hot smoking is suitable for house conditions better, it allows to process products rather quickly - in several hours. The main components of success when smoking - the correct smoking shed and the correct spill.

Smoking is a processing of meat, fish, bird and other products smoke which is formed at combustion of firewood or sawdust in the conditions of a lack of oxygen. Cold and hot smoking

Smoking can be divided into cold more hotly. More often hot smoking meets. It differs in speed and is less labor-consuming. Depending on amount of raw materials, hot smoking takes from one and a half to seven hours. Smoke temperature at the same time is about 90 wasps. During hot smoking, meat and fish don't dry up and well become impregnated with fat.

Cold smoking demands longer processing. Here temperature of smoke is only 20 wasps therefore products reach a readiness stage only on the second or third day of smoking. In certain cases this process can take week. The products processed on a way of cold smoking contain less water and are longer stored. The device a koptilnibolshinstvo of home smoking sheds are arranged equally. They represent a steel box in which one or two tiers of lattices are located. From below smoking sheds the pallet for collecting the flowing-down fat is located. Usually for smoking use alder, aspen, beechen spill or spill of trees of fruit breeds. It isn't necessary to use birch spill or spill of coniferous breeds - it gives resinous smoke and only spoils a product. Process копченияПеред the beginning of smoking on a bottom of the smoking shed fill spill and either fill up coals, or put the smoking shed on the electric heating element or the gas stove. Anyway, smoking should be carried out out of the apartment as at the same time a large amount of smoke is formed. The products intended for smoking should be salted previously. It is possible to salt them by means of soaking in 12% salt solution or just rubbing with coarse salt. To avoid pollution of products, meat, a bird or fish it is recommended to turn in several layers of a gauze. At the beginning of smoking it is necessary to use more hot and dense smoke, gradually reducing its temperature. After the product is ready, to the smoking shed allow to cool down slowly. ElektrokoptilniElektrokopchenie - a fast and effective way of receiving quality smoked products. For this purpose apply special electrosmoking sheds in which the formed smoke moves in electric field and gets in meat, fish or a bird better. Smoke from such smoking sheds gets outside less, and products, in comparison with traditional ways of smoking, are processed quicker.

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