How to smoke ribs

How to smoke ribs

It is possible to smoke ribs as cold-process, and we heat. Before any kind of smoking it is necessary to prepare ribs, thanks to it they will be very tasty.

It is required to you

  • ribs;
    • salt;
    • peppercorn;
    • paprika;
    • garlic;
    • foil;
    • smoking shed;
    • sawdust or dry branches of fruit-trees.


1. Split ribs into the required pieces. Wash up them, dry on air or wipe a towel. Having washed up, you, first of all, will get rid of small splinters of bones.

2. Take peppercorn, crush in a mortar (if to take already ground black pepper, then there will be not such strong aroma). Add salt and paprika there, properly mix.

3. Small cut garlic and add to the prepared mix. Rub with the received mix ribs. Inwrap in a foil and leave at several o'clock.

4. Further smoking follows. Sort out what differences hot and a cold way of smoking. Hot smoking short-term, within several hours, at high temperature of smoke (40-50 degrees). Cold smoking lasts several days, smoke temperature at the same time of 18-20 degrees.

5. If you have the special smoking shed, then put ribs there and you smoke during certain time and at a certain temperature which depend on a way of smoking.

6. If there is no special smoking shed, then it can be made most. For cold smoking make the smoking camera in which you put ribs. Then bring to it the chimney pipe necessary in order that the smoke going on it was cooled up to the temperature of 18-20 degrees. Length of such pipe has to be about three meters. And, of course, the source of smoke which can be made even in a usual bucket is necessary. For smoking in the hot way the chimney pipe isn't necessary at all. And the smoking camera will directly stand on a smoke source.

7. You smoke best of all on dry apple branches which need to be prepared in advance. Still it is possible to use branches of other fruit-trees, such as plum or cherry. Sawdust of a birch, oak, an alder, an aspen will approach for this purpose too. Only you don't smoke on sawdust of coniferous trees since the pitch which is contained in them gives a bitter taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team