How to squeeze out pomegranate juice

How to squeeze out pomegranate juice

Grenade contains many useful substances and minerals: ascorbic acid, group B vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium. The polyphenols which are a part of pomegranate possess powerful antioxidant action and help with fight against the free radicals who are the main reason for aging. For good health, drink fresh pomegranate juice at least once week, at the same time don't forget that at some diseases it is contraindicated.


1. It is easy to squeeze out pomegranate juice by means of the ordinary juice extractor. Wash pomegranate under cold water, cut in half and press a press to a special cone. The main lack of this way is that you won't manage to remove all partitions therefore juice will taste bitter a little.

2. It is possible to squeeze out pomegranate juice in the manual way. Take pomegranate, decrown a sharp knife, make an incision in several places of grenades and wet in cool water for several minutes. Then, keeping a fruit under water, accurately pull down pomegranate will fall to several parts and kernels in the substituted ware. Let's grains dry and put them in a dense plastic bag (it is possible to use several thin). Lay out a package on a cutting board and several times knock with a hammer or a rolling pin. Make a small hole in a package and merge the received juice in a glass or a decanter.

3. There is one more "national" way. Take pomegranate, wash and properly you remember it in hands for a soft consistency from all directions. For this way it is necessary to possess good physical training, otherwise from one pomegranate it will be possible to receive not enough juice. In crumpled pomegranate make a knife an opening and merge the formed liquid.

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