How to stack to a hole

How to stack to a hole

Skill stack noriya quite difficult, despite the seeming simplicity of result. In order that sushi rolls were dense and accurate, it is better to use an auxiliary accessory, a special mat.

It is required to you

  • - boiled rice in Japanese;
  • - mix of water and vinegar 1:1;
  • - mat for sushi;
  • - sheets to a hole of 18х10 cm;
  • - stuffing.


1. Think what size there will be sushi rolls. They can be narrow, these are so-called hosomak or simple rolls. In this case the stuffing usually makes from one to three strips of fish or vegetables of small thickness therefore it is better for hole to cut in half on the longitudinal party that it was possible to wrap up roll only once with a small gap for fixing.

2. If you intend to do more difficult rolls of a futomaka or saimaka (rolls inside out with a thick stuffing), then take sheets to a hole of the usual size.

3. Arrange a mat on a table, put on it a leaf to a hole. Spread on it rice in the small portions, moistening hands in mix of vinegar and water that rice didn't stick.

4. Distribute rice so that it covered a leaf to a hole with a uniform layer. Leave untouched strips on each side and from the country about 1 cm wide, far-away from you. Put a stuffing on the center of the turned-out rice field perpendicularly to yourself.

5. Get thumbs of hands under a mat from edge from yourself and raise it together a little. Hold with other fingers a stuffing that it didn't move down aside.

6. Bend a mat forward, densely displacing roll, make one turn. Then lift a mat and slightly pull it forward so that unfinished roll appeared from its near edge again. Repeat these two actions so much how many it is necessary. As a rule, narrow rolls demand one-two turns, thick – three.

7. Remove a mat and fix edges. Apply a little mix of water and vinegar to soften to a hole and to make it more sticky. Knife ready roll sharp on 6-8 parts.

8. The hole can stack not only in the form of rolls, but also for formation of a temaka. This kind of sushi has the triangle form. Put a half of a leaf on the left palm, finger-tips of the right hand spread out on it rice, having left untouched slightly less than a half of a leaf, put a stuffing.

9. Bend the lower part to a hole with rice on diagonal up that the triangle turned out. Densely wrap up the remained clean part of a leaf around it and fix, having moistened with water and vinegar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team