How to steam vegetables

How to steam vegetables

Having steamed vegetables, you keep all vitamins which are contained in them and also their appearance. In this case you don't need additional fat, and the dish will turn out tasty, juicy and that is important, dietary.

It is required to you

  • For recipe No. 1:
    • 300 g of squash;
    • 100 g of salty eggplants;
    • 100 g of carrots;
    • 200 g of paprika;
    • 200 g tomato;
    • 200 g of potatoes;
    • 2 tablespoons of olive oil;
    • salt
    • spices to taste.
    • For recipe No. 2:
    • 150 g of a canned button mushrooms;
    • 200 g of zucchini;
    • 200 g of salty eggplants;
    • 200 g of paprika;
    • 5-6 stalks of an asparagus;
    • 1 teeth of garlic;
    • 2 tablespoons of olive oil;
    • greens of fennel and parsley;
    • salt
    • spices to taste.


1. It is possible to steam vegetables in electric to the double boiler or a convection oven. Will help you with it and "we steam" some models of microwave ovens having an option. For the lack of listed above, use a special pan with a steam basket or a usual pan in which it is possible to place a sieve (a colander, a lattice) and to close densely a cover.

2. For this purpose pour into a pan a small amount water (approximately on 5 cm from a bottom) and place from above a lattice (sieve, a colander) so that it didn't concern juicy liquid. Then put a pan on fire and bring liquid to the boil.

3. To give to vegetables a light juicy aroma, lower seasoning in water. Use for this purpose cilantro, a carnation, nutmeg, dried ginger, segment of a lemon or orange, fresh ground pepper, garlic, etc. on your taste.

4. While water begins to boil, wash up vegetables, clean and if it is required, cut pieces. Preparation time depends on vegetables. For example, the whole root crops and tubers with a big density (potatoes, carrots, beet, etc.) are preparing 25-30 minutes, bean (haricot, peas, etc.) - 8-10 minutes, sheet (a sorrel, spinach, etc.) – 1-3 minutes.

5. On a steam lattice, over the boiling liquid, place vegetables and densely close a pan a cover. You watch that in the course of preparation water didn't cease to boil since you steam.

6. Determine readiness of vegetables by color or piercing a fork (knife). Give to a table hot, having decorated with fresh greens. You can fill with creamy or olive oil, sour cream, to add a grated cheese.

7. Recipe No. 1. Carefully wash up vegetables, clean and cut in small cubes. Put them in deep ware, add salt, spices and accurately mix. Lay out in the double boiler (pan) and prepare 20-25 minutes. Place ready vegetables in deep ware, fill with olive oil and give to a table.

8. Recipe No. 2. Under flowing water wash up vegetables. Cut in small cubes zucchini and salty eggplants. Cut with pieces an asparagus. Peel pepper, wash out and cut pieces of average size. Open a canned button mushrooms and merge from them liquid. Small chop garlic and greens. In deep ware mix zucchini, salty eggplants, an asparagus, mushrooms and pepper. Add salt, spices and accurately mix. Place them in the double boiler (pan) and prepare within 25-30 minutes. Accurately take out ready vegetables, add garlic, olive oil and decorate with greens. The dish is served to a table by hot.

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