How to sterilize vegetable oil

How to sterilize vegetable oil

The sterilized vegetable oil can be necessary in various life situations. For example, when it is necessary to process leather of the newborn child or to make preparations for the winter. You won't find some vegetable oil which was specially sterilized therefore it is necessary only – to learn to sterilize one oil in house conditions in shop.


1. Take 250 grams of purified vegetable oil and pour it in a half-liter glass jar. Place to bank with oil in a pan with water and put on fire. Pay attention that it is impossible to put oil in already hot water - because of a difference of temperatures of bank can burst.

2. A baking plate with oil on a bottom of a pan it is desirable for bank to enclose the gauze curtailed into three-four layers, it will also protect to bank from high temperature drops.

3. Stir slowly with a little thin wooden stick, so it will evenly get warm. It is necessary to sterilize vegetable oil within 30 – 40 minutes. Water in a pan will boil away gradually therefore it needs to be added periodically, otherwise bank with oil can burst. You watch that waters was on centimeter - two more, than oils in bank.

4. Don't worry if the boiling water gets to oil, it will quickly rise to the surface and will evaporate, these products have both the different density and a different boiling point. You shouldn't sterilize a large amount of oil at once, it is better to prepare it if necessary again.

5. After sterilization give to oil it is necessary to cool down. Only after that the product can be used for designated purpose. By the way, residues of the sterilized oil can be reused, it is only necessary to close to bank with oil a clean cover or to roll up as roll up vegetables for the winter.

6. It is strictly forbidden to sterilize oil in the microwave oven: when overheating, communications collapse and complex fats of a product just decay (for this reason and it is impossible to fry on already fulfilled sunflower oil), and when underheating you don't receive sterility.

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