How to stew potatoes with meat in gravy

How to stew potatoes with meat in gravy

The combination of potatoes and mincemeat is one of the most advantageous to taste and on simplicity of preparation.

The ingredients necessary for preparation of stewed potatoes with forcemeat:

- 300-350 grams of any available forcemeat;

- 400-500 grams of potato;

- bulb;

- carrot (at will);

- tomato paste;

- it is a little flour;

- bay leaf, salt, pepper, vegetable oil.

We cook stewed potatoes with mincemeat:

1. Potato needs to be washed up and cleaned, then to cut any pieces of the average sizes.

2. Put the cut potatoes in a pan and fill in with cold water, salt. Water has to hide only potatoes, it is no more.

3. To put potato under a cover on average fire.

4. At this time it is possible to begin to cook meat gravy.

5. Lay out forcemeat on the warmed frying pan with oil, salt and pepper, to fry a little.

6. To add the cut onions and grated carrot, bay leaf to forcemeat, to mix and extinguish a baking plate a cover.

7. Then to add tomato paste to forcemeat (about a tablespoon), to mix and fry.

8. Then it is necessary to sprinkle forcemeat with flour (1 tablespoon), to quickly mix, add a little water and to extinguish a baking plate a cover a couple of minutes.

9. To pour out ready gravy with forcemeat in a pan with potato, to mix and cook until ready potatoes.

Stewed potatoes with forcemeat turn out very gentle, friable and tasty. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team