How to store badger fat

How to store badger fat

Already more than two centuries people use badger fat as the valuable remedy helping at various illnesses. No wonder, this product is vitamin-rich also biologically active agents. And to keep them, it is necessary to use and store badger fat correctly.

Composition of badger fat

Badger fat represents the mass of light-cream or white color with a slight specific smell. This product is a rich source of highly nourishing substances which promote fast recovery of immunity and healing of wounds of various type.

Yellow color and pronounced unpleasant odor of badger fat signals that this product is spoiled. It isn't recommended to use it in this case.

So, as a part of badger fat there are vitamins A and E and K, vitamins of group B (B2, B3, B6, B9, B12). It is rich with also useful nonsaturated Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 fatty acids which the human body can't independently produce. There are in this natural product and organic acids strengthening antioxidant effect of vitamins.

Useful properties of badger fat

Badger fat – irreplaceable means for those who like to have a rest outdoors. It has the pronounced warming effect therefore it is used for prevention of a frostbite, effectively disinfects and heals various wounds including serious burns. Helps at stings of insects and violations of the musculoskeletal device (stretchings, arthritis, osteoporosis and osteochondrosis). Thanks to the unique chemical composition, badger fat saturates an organism with valuable substances that contributes to normalization of a metabolism, strengthening of immunity and stabilization of a hormonal background. It well influences a condition of airways, the reproductive, endocrine, cardiovascular and urinogenital system of an organism and also a GIT. It is one of the most effective remedies at bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis, a sharp angina and even tuberculosis of lungs. Badger fat at stomach ulcers and gastritises as it protects stomach walls from irritation is useful, gently enveloping them. It lowers cholesterol level in blood, reduces aggregation of platelets and improves a condition of blood. Badger fat has antineoplastic properties due to high concentration in its composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A. It brings harmful compounds out of an organism and at the same time increases its resilience to different viruses and bacteria. And pregnant women can use it even.

That badger fat which was extracted before winter – at this time in it the highest concentration of useful substances is considered the most valuable.

Storage and use of badger fat

Badger fat needs to be stored in closed, it is desirable glass, tanks at a temperature from 0 to +5os. Far from sunshine. The perfect place for its storage is the fridge. It is the most correct to take this means for half an hour to food, mixing scarlet with honey, juice or adding to milk. For this purpose it is possible to kindle it a little, but not to bring to the boil, otherwise it will lose a part of useful substances. In day it is necessary to eat 3 tablespoons of this product. For treatment of skin diseases, wounds, injuries or just warming badger fat needs to be rubbed in skin on the problem place. It is also useful to do massages with the fat kindled badger.

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