How to store canned food

How to store canned food

Canned food - one of components of home cuisine. Many hostesses roll up numerous jars with nature gifts in a season of preparations. At respect for technology of preparation these preparations serve as great help in cooking and an additional source of vitamins in the winter. How it is correct to store the house preparations and canned food made in the industrial way?


1. Get canned food from a tin jar. Eat them at once or use in preparation of dishes. Shift the remained canned food in a glass jar with densely closed cover. You store this to bank in the fridge. A condensed milk thus it is possible to store three days, canned and canned fishes - 48 hours.

2. You store the sterilized vegetable, canned and canned fishes of own preparation in the dry cool place. It has to be aired well. Comfort temperature indoors where preparations are stored, has to be from 0 to +15 degrees. At high humidity indoors metal covers will begin to rust and the product corked by them will spoil.

3. You don't store preparation near heating devices. Syrups, jam and the jams which are stored in the hot place will get a brown shade. In vegetable canned food at high temperature of storage vitamins will collapse and fermentation process emergence is possible.

4. Don't allow fall of temperature of storage of preparations lower than 0 degrees. When freezing the contents of cans will extend and they can crack. Sweet preparations when freezing become candied, fruit and vegetables become flabby.

5. Avoid sharp change of storage temperature of canned food. It also negatively is reflected on from taste.

6. You don't store some canned food on light. It will lead to decoloration of preparations and reduction of amount of vitamins. The place for storage of canned food has to be darkened. It can be a cellar, the basement, regiments in a case.

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