How to store domestic wine

How to store domestic wine

Process of preparation of wine is based on a sbrazhivaniye of fruit juices. The quality and taste of domestic wine depend not only on observance of a compounding of preparation, but also on conditions of its storage.


1. Spill ready domestic wine for storage only in clean, it is desirable the darkened glass bottles. The main enemy of wine – oxygen, it turns alcohol into vinegar. Therefore always densely cork wine traditional up.

2. Place bottles with wine in a cellar or a special case where the same temperature 10-12 C, and for hard sweet liquors 14-16 C is always maintained. You store white and pink wine at lower temperature. After domestic wine finished fermentation, stand him in bottles at least several weeks that it completely ripened.

3. You keep domestic wine in cold, well aerated, dark place. The humidity of air has to be not lower than 60-80%. Put bottles with wine horizontally that drink washed a stopper, then it will keep tightness and won't crack. Preserve bottles with wine against jolting, the low temperature and vibration to keep for a long time a true wine bouquet.

4. Don't pour wine from the drunk not enough bottle in other ware if you want to keep it. You store the begun bottle with white wine in the fridge several days. Red wine up to three days can be held at the room temperature. Open bottles with a fortified or sweet wine are stored longer – about two weeks.

5. You don't store wine together with fresh or salted-fermented foods as the natural house product quickly absorbs foreign smells.

6. Put bottles with wine vertically at several o'clock before giving on a table. If on inside of a bottle the deposit, a wine stone, dyes – so-called "shirt" of drink was formed, don't shake up wine, carefully turn a bottle in vertical position and wait until the deposit falls by a bottom. Then accurately pour domestic wine on glasses.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team