How to store the peeled potatoes

How to store the peeled potatoes

Many hostesses cook potatoes dishes almost daily. And it is quite clear – it is possible to make pies, puree and casserole of potato, to add it to salad or omelet and as a garnish this vegetable is irreplaceable. Whether it is possible to save the time, having polished potatoes for the future and having kept it before preparation of the following meal?

It is required to you

  • - container with cold water;
  • - plastic bag;
  • - freezer.


1. Before cleaning potatoes, carefully wash out it. Rind a knife or the potato peeler, in passing deleting eyes and the damaged places. If you process new potato, remove thinner layer of a peel or you don't clean a root crop at all. Old tubers need to be cleaned less delicately, removing not only a peel, but also a part of potato a baking plate to it. It is better to throw out the become green potato, it can be hazardous to health.

2. Having peeled potato, carefully rinse it and immediately put in cold water. On air potato instantly darkens and dries, losing at the same time the gustatory qualities.

3. If you don't plan to prepare at once tubers, it is possible to leave them in water for 3-4 hours. Don't cut potatoes – it is better to make it just before preparation. In the whole look the tubers will keep more valuable nutritive matters.

4. Do you need to keep vegetables longer? Place the container with the peeled potato which is filled in with water in the fridge. There potatoes can be stored day and more. Before further culinary processing once again wash out the tubers taken from water.

5. If you plan to cook puree or soup, storage in water to potato won't damage. However can be difficult to weld it entirely – in the course of cooking the tubers will crack and will collapse. To keep their density, try other storage technique. Densely tie the peeled potatoes in a plastic bag and place in the fridge freezer. Tubers can be stored in such look till 24 o'clock. Before cooking don't defreeze potatoes, at once place it in the boiling added some salt water. If potatoes are necessary for soup, in advance cut it in cubes.

6. In this way it is possible to prepare also potatoes for frying. Carefully wash out the cleaned tubers to remove from them starch and to prevent darkening. Slice tubers, wrap up them in a film and place in the freezer. Before frying warm oil or fat and place the frozen slices in a frying pan.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team