How to taste wine

How to taste wine

Wine is a gift of gods to people and also the embodiment of vital force, - still ancient Greeks so claimed. This drink reflects in itself features of national color of the country where it is made. Each separate wine brand bears in itself the special taste and aroma. Unfortunately, many people aren't able to drink it correctly and consequently they, can't enjoy ""beauty"" of a wine bouquet fully. It is necessary to taste wine, following some simple rules.


1. Fill a glass on a quarter of its volume. The best glasses for wine tasting - semi-ellipsoidal (a glass ""tulip""), of 210-225 ml. The glass for tasting has to be clean and dry.

2. Estimate wine approximately. First, it has to be transparent. The muddy deposit or existence of vials of carbon dioxide say that wine not qualitative or spoiled. Pay attention to color. Than more brightly and nasyshchenny color of red wine, subjects it is younger. Over the years red wines are clarified, and white, on the contrary, become more saturated in respect of color. Incline wine in a glass: the thinner it the rest on glass, the it is more qualitative.

3. Estimate a winy odor. For this purpose at first smell wine, and then twist a glass (shake up drink) and smell the second time. What the smell, that nasyshchenny a wine bouquet will be stronger. Young wines hardly give a smell as their aroma didn't ripen yet, it is very unsteady and thin. Enjoy wholly a smell of good wine, think what impressions it in you causes whether it is possible to describe it words.

4. Taste wine. It is the final stage of tasting of wine. The first drink has to be sufficient on volume to experience taste all inner surface of a mouth as we feel different tastes by means of various receptors. The sweet is felt as a tip, acid - edges, bitterness - a language root. Having tasted wine, notice how long the sky keeps its taste. Good wine leaves resistant aftertaste. If the young wine ""knits"" in a mouth, it also is sign of good quality as says that in wine there are a lot of tannins providing fault longevity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team