How to use balsam vinegar

How to use balsam vinegar

Balsam vinegar is often confused with wine. But, wine is only the wine refermenting in vinegar unlike called by the king among vinegar, balsam which is done specially – of juice of white grades of grapes and use in combination with different products.

It is required to you

  • for a dessert:
    • 500 g of strawberry;
    • 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar;
    • balsam vinegar to taste;
    • mint leaflets.
    • for sauce:
    • on 100 g of olive oil;
    • 1 tablespoon of balsam vinegar;
    • dry-mix of the Italian spicery (oregano
    • thyme
    • basil, etc.)
    • cheese;
    • tomatoes;
    • paprika;


1. Use balsam vinegar literally on a drop at preparation of salads, especially from a fresh vegetables and greens, soups (add directly to a plate), picklings of fish (instead of usual vinegar), desserts. Its main cooking quality consists in ability to impact refined relish to usual food that does this vinegar by perfect gas station for various dishes. Add only several drops of balsam vinegar to a portion of ordinary omelet, strawberry salad and even ice cream to shade their taste.

2. Prepare a simple treat which can be offered guests in Italy before giving of main courses. To taste add to olive oil balsam vinegar and a ready dry-mix of the Italian spicery (an oregano, a thyme, a basil, etc.). To sauce serve the cheese cut into cubes, segments – tomatoes and a paprika, olives and pieces of bread. Eat this dish, dipping pieces of cheese, vegetables and bread in sauce. And, bread is broken hands.

3. Try such dessert. Wash out fresh strawberry in cold water, cut large berries on halves. Sugar berries and mix. Pour in balsam vinegar, once again mix and let's infuse within 30 minutes at the room temperature. Spread out ready strawberry together with the formed juice in portion ice-cream bowls or small salad bowls and decorate with leaflets of fresh mint.

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