How to use ginger for potency to men

How to use ginger for potency to men

Since ancient times the folk healers used ginger for treatment of impotence at men. The fact is that the plant contains substances necessary for maintenance of male health. There is a large number of recipes of teas, broths, alcoholatures from this herb. It is useful to use for potency ginger in a fresh and marinated look.

Advantage of ginger for male health

Problems with male potency usually arise because of certain diseases, overfatigue, a stress. Than ginger can help? This root has numerous medicinal properties, thanking being its part to connections:

  • vitamin A provides a healthy blood-groove in an organism, improves a tone of vessels
  • group B vitamins positively influence nervous system
  • vitamin C promotes increase in testosterone, stimulates development of spermatozoa
  • amino acids help to raise a libido
  • organic acids influence blood circulation and a conclusion of hazardous substances from an organism
  • iron strengthens the immune system
  • phosphorus stimulates development of androgens
  • potassium provides conductivity of nervous impulses, increases endurance
  • magnesium normalizes a hormonal background, has the calming effect
  • sodium helps normal functioning of nervous system
  • zinc stimulates production of testosterone, raises sexual desire

Thus ginger normalizes production of hormones, helps to improve an erection due to activization of blood supply of a penis and to prolong sexual intercourse. The use of a curative plant improves mood, gives to the man force.

Classical recipes with ginger for increase in potency

For increase in potency ginger drinks, tinctures, fresh ginger in combination with honey and a lemon are considered as the most effective.

Ginger tea.

30 g of the grated fresh root to fill in 1 l of cold water.

Heat mix on a water bath to a hot state, not to bring to the boil.

Allow to infuse under a cover half an hour.

At desire to add a lemon and honey. Honey can't be put in hot water, it loses the value.

Drink is taken instead of usual tea after a meal, but by no more than 4 times a day.

Before going to bed it isn't recommended to be drunk.

The simple recipe of tea in a thermos.

In a thermos to fill up one tablespoon of the crushed fresh ginger and to fill in with abrupt boiled water.

Allow to infuse within 8 hours.

Drink 250 ml after each meal.

Ginger coffee.

In the medical purposes it is possible to cook original coffee drink.

Take powder of ginger or a fresh polished root, cinnamon, cardamom, rosemary in equal proportions. Carefully to mix everything. Cook as ordinary coffee in the coffee maker at the rate of 1.5 teaspoons of mix on 250 ml of water. It is possible to sweeten.

Ginger pop.

1 tablespoon of the grated root to fill in 1 l of water. Bring to the boil and cook 10 minutes.

Pour in juice of a big lemon in drink, and again to bring to the boil.

Cool and add 1 l of cool boiled water and 1 dining room with the hill a honey spoon.

Drink as ordinary lemonade.

Tincture on the basis of ginger.

400 g of a root to wash up, clean, chop on a grater, to fill in 500 ml of vodka.

Put to the dark place and insist at the room temperature not less than three weeks.

Accept two times a day no more than one teaspoon.

Marinated root.

In shops it is possible to buy ready marinated ginger. But the house product will bring more benefit.

Back of a plant to wash out, clean, slice thin.

To make the same with average beet.

Place slices dense layers in a glass jar.

1 liter of water to boil, add on one tablespoon of salt and sugar.

Fill in with marinade ginger and beet for 30 minutes.

Then to pour out liquid, to add 100 g of rice vinegar and 50 g of sugar.

It is dense to bank to close, draw two days in a cold spot.

Use marinated ginger as tasty additive to meat, chicken, fish, eggs.

Miracle cure for potency from ginger, honey and a lemon.

The combination of three ingredients gives good effect in treatment of erectile dysfunction, It is known that these products well affect immunity and resilience to infections, increase working capacity and improve health.

To scroll the average crude root of ginger and one lemon in a peel via the meat grinder.

Add 3-4 tablespoons of honey.

Ingredients carefully to mix and put to infuse to the cool place for day.

Use as a dessert to tea.

You shouldn't prepare large portions of such mix. It is better to do a fresh medicine more often.

Other interesting ways of use of a medicinal root.

Just it is useful to add for potency dry powder of ginger as seasonings for meat, fish and vegetable salads.

Ginger bathtubs help with treatment of erectile dysfunction. For this purpose 60 grams of powder of ginger fill in with 1 liter of boiled water and hold on weak fire of 10 minutes. Ready broth is added to a heat bath. Take such bath not longer than 20 minutes, it is desirable before going to bed.


It is necessary to remember that it is possible to use a plant root as medicine only after consultation with the attending physician. The man has to know about side effects and contraindications. Ginger can't be applied at:

to ulcer of stomach and duodenum;

prick also gastritis;

urolithic diseases;


hepatitis, cirrhosis;

pathologies of a cardiovascular system;


inflammatory processes in an organism with the increased temperature

Begin to take ginger it is necessary carefully, small portions - no more than 3 g a day. Then the dose can be increased. At overdose the nausea, headaches, burning in a stomach, weakness are observed.

In combination with other drugs the plant can do harm. Ginger strengthens effect of the medicines lowering arterial blood pressure, stimulating action of the heart. Also it can't be used with the drugs which are slowing down blood clotting as he possesses such action. Very carefully the men having diabetes should use ginger.

Long you shouldn't use a curative root for potency, one month suffices. If to be fond of ginger drinks, that is risk of increase in potassium in an organism. And it, in turn leads to a number of diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team