How to use home-made cream

How to use home-made cream

Home-made cream is a fat dairy product which is received by separation or upholding of whole milk. From home-made cream it is possible to prepare oil, sauce, cheese, cream for cake.

Cream cheese

To make cream cheese, it will be required to you:

- 800 ml of home-made cream; - 1 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Heat cream on a water bath, stirring slowly, pour in them in fresh juice of a lemon. Stir cream until they don't thicken. Then cover them and leave for 12 hours.

After that lay out a product in a colander and leave for day that from it serum flew down. Ready cheese can be used for preparation of cheesecake, tiramisu or simple sandwiches. It is necessary to store it no more than two days.

Cream sauce with mushrooms

Creamy sauce with mushrooms is an excellent addition to pasta. He prepares quite simply, for this purpose it will be required to you: - 1 cups of home-made cream; - 500 g of mushrooms; - 3 bulbs; - 3 garlic gloves; - 50 g of a desi; - salt to taste; - greens; - black sprinkling pepper. Kindle a desi in a stewpan, add to it the crushed garlic and the onions cut into cubes, slightly fry. Then lay out small cut mushrooms in a stewpan, salt, pepper and you extinguish them until ready. Fill mushrooms with home-made cream, mix and take on fire of 5 more minutes. Connect ready creamy sauce to fresh chopped greens.

Cream for cake from home-made cream

Beautiful tasty cream for decoration of cake can be prepared from a sweet house cream. For this purpose the following products will be necessary for you: - 500 ml of cream; - 70 g of icing sugar; - 1 tablespoons of gelatin with the hill; - ¼ cups of cold boiled water. Wet gelatin in water and leave for 20 minutes. Then heat it to full dissolution on slow fire and put to cool down. Shake up cold cream the mixer before foam texturization. Continuing to shake up, gradually enter icing sugar into cream and pour a thin stream in gelatin. Shake up cream until it doesn't begin to hold a form.


From home-made cream it is possible to prepare excellent oil which will please you with the natural taste. Take for this purpose 500 ml of cream, pour in them in a tall glass and begin to shake up by means of the blender. As soon as in a glass the first lumps begin to appear and buttermilk is formed, completely merge it. Continue beating until the next portion of liquid appears, now remove it again and prepare oil further. The product will be ready when buttermilk stops being formed, and cream will turn into dense weight. Shift ready oil in a mold and remove in the fridge.

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