How to use parchment in an oven

How to use parchment in an oven

Parchment is a paper which is processed especially. It doesn't need lubricant, doesn't stick to products, doesn't absorb fat, and if desired the same sheet of parchment can be used repeatedly. Most often it is applied to cook food in an oven.


1. Parchment by the form reminds paper for packing – smooth, dense which color can be white or brown. It is made of paper which becomes impregnated with special structures and acquires as a result a set of useful properties. Fine material which is plastic, resistant to influences of moisture and temperature turns out. Parchment well absorbs fat which is emitted by the products baked in it. It doesn't collapse when boiling, perfectly transfers high temperatures, and in case of soaking doesn't lose durability.

2. Try to cook food in an oven in a frying pan, having laid its bottom parchment. This way is suitable also for gas stoves, and for electric, but high temperature in an oven shouldn't be done. The food cooked on parchment won't burn.

3. Bake cookies, having laid a baking tray parchment, – pastries will be baked thoroughly evenly, it is better to hold a form. For ornament glaze of the cooled-down cookies it is possible to use the same leaf on which cookies were baked as a confectionery sack. When baking cake layers from meringue there is nothing more reliably, than parchment – to it doesn't stick a pastries bottom, and the integrity of a product at taking out from a form manages to be kept.

4. Bake confectionery with a stuffing by all means on parchment. If the stuffing follows, pies or cookies can stick to a baking sheet, remove them in this case quite difficult. With parchment it will become much more convenient to be done.

5. Place the bread intended for baking on parchment for a rasstoyka. When time to send bread to an oven comes, it can be transferred to a baking tray directly on parchment. It perfectly maintains the high temperatures necessary for receiving well propechenny bread.

6. Cover a baking tray parchment if you are going to bake something in an oven. The vegetables placed on parchment perfectly will prepare, and ware isn't even required to be washed after that. It is possible to act still simpler – to inwrap flank steaks of meat, fish or chicken in parchment, to add vegetables, to lay parcels on a baking tray or in a deep frying pan. In "shirt" from parchment food turns out much more tasty, at the same time in the course of preparation it is possible to keep a maximum of useful substances.

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