How to use pistachio nuts in pastries

How to use pistachio nuts in pastries

Pistachio nuts are suitable for various types of pastries. These green nutlets will impact a peculiar flavor to cakes, pies, cakes and cookies. Use pistachio nuts for preparation of cream or mousse, add them to dough, and surely leave a part for ornament.

Pistachio cake

This cake is cooked very quickly. It can be strewed with icing sugar, to decorate with a sugar or chocolate cover.

It is required to you:

- 100 g of the peeled pistachio nuts; - 100 g of wheat flour; - 180 g of sugar; - 2 eggs; - 150 g of a natural yoghourt; - 1 tablespoon of a desi; - 3 tablespoons of purified vegetable oil;

- 0.5 h spoon of soda; - icing sugar for topping. You istolkit pistachio nuts in a mortar in a large crumb or crush a knife. Lay off couple of tablespoons of nuts for ornament. Pound eggs with sugar until white. In a deep bowl pour out yogurt, add vegetable oil, pistachios and sugar and egg mix. In the portions pour in advance sifted flour mixed with soda. Carefully mix dough.

Grease a loaf pan with a desi. Strew a bottom of a form with the pistachios laid for ornament and then pour in it dough. Put a product in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps for 40 minutes. Take ready cake from a form and cool on a lattice. Before giving strew pastries with icing sugar and cut on accurate slices.

Pistachio cookies with candied fruits

These beautiful cookies perfectly are suitable for a gift. It can be spread out on paper sockets and to place in the elegant box which is tied up by a tape. After baking, delicacy can be stored several weeks. Instead of candied fruits from tropical fruit you can use a citrus. It is required to you: - 80 g of wheat flour; - 80 g of sugar; - 80 g of candied fruits from pineapple and papaya; - 20 g of almonds; - 20 g of peanut; - 50 g of unsalted pistachio nuts in a shell; - 100 ml of cream; - 70 g of a desi. Clean pistachio nuts and you istolkit in a large crumb. Scald almonds boiled water, husk. Roast peanut in a dry frying pan and exempt from a peel. Small cut candied fruits, peanut and almonds. In a pan pour out cream, add oil and warm up mix on slow fire. Gradually pour sugar and flour, without ceasing to stir slowly pan contents. When dough thickens and will begin to lag behind walls, remove it from fire, pour candied fruits and almonds, mix. Lay a baking tray paper for pastries. By means of two spoons spread on it dough in the small portions. Give to cookies slightly extended or rounded form. Strew products with ground pistachio nuts, slightly pressing them. Place a baking tray in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps. In 15-20 minutes lay out finished products on a lattice and cool.

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