How to use strawberry tails

How to use strawberry tails

In the heat a season is fresher than some strawberry. Many like to regale on toasted berries, ripe, sweet with sourness. Tails at the same time ruthlessly are thrown out. And it is vain. Why you shouldn't throw out strawberry tails and how they can be used?


1. The plant which we habitually call strawberry actually is a pine strawberry. Its external difference from strawberry, first of all, consists in arrangement of fruits: at a wild strawberry they creep on the ground whereas fruits of strawberry are located highly above the ground. Nice tails of strawberry are so-called sepals - the real well of vitamins and minerals which contain more here, than in the berry. By the way, what it is accepted to call berry, actually is the expanded receptacle on which fruits - nuts are located. So, in fact, strawberry - not strawberry and not berry, but nut. It is information for reference, we will tell ""strawberry berries" "and" "strawberry tails"" to avoid confusion.

2. So, strawberry tails contain, first of all, vitamin C and in a huge number. This useful vitamin protects an organism from viruses and cold, strengthening immunity. Also vitamin C is useful to skin: improves color, levels, does skin healthy and shining. Besides, in strawberry tails there are vitamins A, RR, E and vitamins of group B, however, in much smaller quantities, than vitamin C. There are as a part of strawberry sepals and such important elements as iodine and copper. It is possible to call strawberry tails champions on the content of potassium which is important for the correct work of a cardiovascular system. The magnesium which is a vitamin-mineral part of strawberry tails is useful to nervous system. It is a lot of in strawberry tails of iron therefore their use is useful for prevention of iron deficiency anemia. Also some more mineral substances do strawberry tails very useful to health.

3. How to use strawberry tails? From them it is possible to make various drinks. Fill in 5-6 tails with a glass of boiled water and in 2-3 minutes we will receive great tea. Also strawberry tails can be added at preparation of a usual black or green tea, having added several tails to a teapot. Tasty infusion from strawberry tails can be received so: fill in 20 tails of 700 ml of cold water, put a circle of dried orange or a lemon (it is possible fresh) and to insist on a windowsill 24 hours.

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