How to use the double boiler

How to use the double boiler

The double boiler is one of kitchen appliances which not only allows to cook healthy and tasty food, but also saves precious time of the hostess. Processing of products steam keeps a maximum of useful substances and vitamins.

It is required to you

  • Double boiler
    • Vegetables
    • Meat
    • Fish


1. Before using the double boiler, it is necessary to wash all its pallets with warm water with detergent, and then to rinse. The surface will directly contact to foodstuff.

2. After that it is necessary to fill in water in the lower tank tank to a mark. For the correct operation of the double boiler important that water level didn't fall below minimum. On some double boilers there is a special nose through which it is possible to add water directly in process - it is very convenient.

3. Then it is necessary selectfor products which you will be prepare in the double boiler. Preparation time on which the timer will be exposed depends on it. On condition of defrosted products, meat is cooked within an hour, for fish there will be enough 30 minutes. Firm vegetables, such as beet, are cooked depending on the size, but not less than an hour. To the frozen vegetables there will be enough half an hour.

4. If you plan to prepare in several pallets, then it is better to put from what there can be a juice or broth in the lower pallet, and upward - usual dry vegetables. Also there is a way when in a pallet the food foil is put, and additional languor of a product in own juice turns out.

5. It was necessary only to lay products on pallets, to check water level and to turn on the timer for the necessary time. While products are preparing, it is possible to make sauce for them.

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