How to use the outgrown and long cucumbers (special salting)

How to use the outgrown and long cucumbers (special salting)

Sometimes, having missed collecting cucumbers several days, having appeared at the dacha, we see yellow ""pylons"" on a bed. Use the outgrown and large-fruited cucumbers or throw out them in a compost heap? Whether there is some way to process them?

It is required to you

  • - cucumbers
  • - coarse salt
  • - garlic
  • - fennel (branches)
  • - grater or vegetable cutter
  • - glass jars


1. Having collected cucumbers from a bed, it is necessary to wash them and to wet for a couple of hours. On a table to put pure cotton fabric. Pull out cucumbers from water and allow them to dry. The dry sterilized banks have to be on call. Fennel is in advance made washed and dried up), garlic and coarse salt.

2. A part of the large-fruited and outgrown ogur should be crushed at first a grater or the vegetable cutter. Experience shows that on a 3-liter jar of cucumbers it will be necessary slightly more than a liter of the prepared gruel. On every portion of this weight it is necessary to add 100 g of coarse salt and as much garlic. To mix everything. Filling is ready. Water in this recipe isn't used absolutely.

3. It is necessary to cut large-fruited cucumbers on pieces and to put in banks. To do the same with small (means - to put in banks). Shift branches of fennel and water with filling. Close kapron covers and remove in a cold spot. You will be pleasantly surprised their unusual, vigorous, with taste. Cucumbers of such salting are stored in a cellar till spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team