How to wash dried fruits

How to wash dried fruits

Dried fruits are nutritious and rich with useful substances, besides, they in itself – delicacy. The dried fruits bought in the market often have not a really attractive appearance. Dim, dusty, dried and riveled fruits look not so appetizingly as clean store dried fruits of bright colors in cellophane packing. However, it is necessary to wash both, and others whatever clean they looked.


1. Put dried fruits in capacity, drench them with boiled water and leave for 10-15 minutes. This way more will help to wash away chemical reagents and oils with which producers process dried fruits for giving of presentation to them and also to remove dust and dirt from a surface of fruits. However, the amount of useful substances and vitamins too considerably will cut this way because of long processing by hot water.

2. Wash out weighed out dried fruits (from the market) under not too hot flowing water to wash away sand and dirt, then put them in warm water to soak a little, dry on a plain surface. It is more sparing way allowing to keep useful substances and vitamins. Don't wash dried fruits with soap or other cleaners – they are quickly absorbed in a peel and pulp, and it is impossible to wash up them up to the end then.

3. Wash out dried fruits from cellophane packing (store) in flowing water. Just take their baking plate a stream of cold water. If you are going to give dried fruits to the child, after a sink quickly drench them with boiled water. If dried fruits from packing slightly dried up, put them in the container with cold water and leave for several minutes. In dried fruits from packing there is practically no dirt or dust, but they are also chemicalized various to give them an appetizing and fresh look.

4. You don't store the washed-up dried fruits too long. The moisture which remained on them at a sink promotes formation of a mold. Don't wash out the spoiled dried fruits, better at once send them to a garbage can. You don't boil the subgrowing mouldy dried fruits. Heat treatment will help to get rid of a fungus of a mold and other bacteria, but also will kill all useful substances in dried fruits, having made them sterile and tasteless.

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